person in labor, leaning over the edge of a birthing tub with a birth worker squeezing her hips

Photo Credit: Gather Birth

Considering a career in birth work?

The world of birth work is incredibly rewarding, but can be tricky to navigate when you’re new.

Our experts can help you understand available career options (doula services, lactation, midwifery and more) and can point you in the right direction based on your unique interests. 

Photo Credit: Gather Birth

Appointment Types

25 Minute Chat

You’ll get to talk to someone in the profession about what it’s really like. Best for those who are interested in birth work and have quick questions to get started.


one 25 minute chat

45 Minute Chat

Dedicated time with someone in the profession who can tell you what it’s really like. You'll get resources and a personalized path to get you into the profession.


one 45 minute chat

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