Birth Doula Support

Evidence shows that doula support makes for fewer interventions, a lower rate of surgical birth and a higher rate of birth satisfaction. Finding the right one for you can be overwhelming, but we are here to help. Mina birth doulas support every kind of birth, and are available to help you in person or virtually.

Even superheroes have a sidekick.

You’ve got superpowers, and your birth doula has your back.

How it Works


Tell us more about you. Submit your preferences by filling out the birth doula request form.


We’ll provide a list of recommendations just for you based on your budget and preferences.


Interview your top picks and let us know who you want to work with. We’ll take care of the rest

Services Overview

Doula packages vary based on individual providers, but most include:

  • Prenatal Visits

    One to two personalized prenatal visits

  • Pregnancy Support

    Ongoing emotional and informational support throughout your pregnancy

  • Labor + Birth Support

    Continuous labor and birth support

  • Postpartum Support

    Support immediately postpartum, including assistance with breast or chest feeding

  • Postpartum Check In

Already birthed your baby and need support? Click here to book with a postpartum doula.


Prices range based on certifications, credentials and years of experience. Mina’s birth doulas are independent businesses who set their own prices. Our goal is to provide options that will meet your budget; if cost is a concern indicate that on the form.