Coronavirus COVID-19 Resources

In these challenging times, parents are struggling to get care deemed “non-essential” to the healthcare system, but vital to maternal and newborn health. Meanwhile, hospital policies are changing by the hour which means birth workers are no longer allowed in hospitals to assist parents at birth.

This is why we are working harder than ever to help families connect with birth workers to find the support they need. This means helping parents find safe, evidence-based alternatives to hospitals for their birth (birth centers and at home births) and helping birth workers go digital to meet with parents on demand, maintaining safe protocols.

Below are helpful resources that will be updated frequently to help in this time of great need. 

Birthing Resources

Out of Hospital Birth Options

Birth centers and home birth practices that are available to help now.



Doulas are available in person and virtually for birth and postpartum care.

Lactation Consultants

On-demand, virtual lactation consultants who are ready to help now.

Ask a Mina Guide - For Free

Mina Guides are prepared to help you answer any questions you may have. Right now, Mini Chat sessions are completely free so we can support more families in this difficult time. Book your Mini Chat by clicking below and use the code MINALOVE for your free session, or visit our guidance page to browse all Mina Guide sessions.

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