Hello World!

newborn baby with a teddy bear.

Hello world! We’re excited to introduce Mina, a platform to revolutionize how new families find care. And we hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been digging into the problems people encounter as they work to expand their family. This all started with a research project on the state of pumping breastmilk at work. When we designed our survey, we were hoping to reach 100 parents who had experience pumping breastmilk at work. We were stunned to get over 900 participants. In a week. Apparently, we have a lot to say on the state of breastmilk and the workplace.

It was inspiring and heartbreaking to hear all of the feedback from new parents — everything from how nourished and full they felt from their feeding relationship with their babes, to the crummy state of lactation rooms and lack of time and privacy to pump milk at work. In the US, the majority of new parents that return to work do so with little to no support. Whether that’s lack of parental leave (paid and unpaid), subpar lactation rooms, or unsupportive bosses.

We believe that new parents deserve better. 

With this belief and vision, we iterated through several concepts and beta products that brought us to today — building Mina. One of those early products was Hello Mom, a text message service supporting new mums. We set our sights on the goal of getting 100 parents (apparently we really think 100 is the magic number) to use our service with the goal of learning more. Over 2,300 people signed up and during the 9 months our service existed we sent 90k text messages full of love and support.

And moms loved it.

We learned a lot about just how much more support new parents need. Because, you know what? It can be isolating and wonderful and lonely and exciting and terrible. 

But the service became expensive to run and we didn’t have right business model to support it. It’s difficult fulfill your mission and make the impact you want without without also having a successful business model.

So, we shut down the text messages temporarily (we’ll bring ’em back!) and went back to the drawing board. This service and the numerous testimonials we received helped us learn more, not just about what new moms need, but what new families need. And that sparked the creative vision that birthed Mina’s existence.

We know that caretakers do what they do best when they are well taken care of. This means when parents are supported, they are better equipped to care for their new babies. The whole “put your air mask on first” thing. This is partly where our village comes in.

But also, many of us don’t have the village that birthing parents and their partners had generations ago. Today the dominant culture celebrates doing things ourself and “bouncing back.” But there are care providers that support new and expecting families. Like, that’s their number one focus. With Mina, our goal is to support birth workers so they are better able to do what they do well — supporting new parents and families.  

A new mom asleep on the couch with her newborn baby.

Technology makes it easy to snag a car ride on-demand, have food delivered to our door, and to connect with people on social media. But what about searching and comparing birth providers? Or finding chiropractors that know pregnant and postpartum bodies? Or finding support during the adoption process? And where’s the lactation consultant at 2am when the baby is wailing?  

In a society that struggles with insufficient parental leave, where maternal and infant mortality rates are unacceptably high when compared to other developed nations, and where 80% of new parents say they plan to breastfeed but only 25% reach that goal, we recognize the many challenges that growing our families can bring. From couples that are coping through fertility treatments, to expanding our emotional capacity through the ups and downs of another human-being entering our lives. Mina wants to be part of the solution by providing much-needed support to both families and care providers.

We know there’s a better way to find care and support in the time when we are waiting for our babies and during the time we’re adjusting to becoming parents. We know parenthood is stressful but we believe finding support shouldn’t be. And we can only do this with you — so we invite you to be part of this revolution in finding care when parents need it most.

Join Us!

Care Providers

If you are a doula, a midwife, a doctor, a body worker, educator, lactation consultant — or anyone who works with or supports families as they are bringing new babies into their lives — and want to be part of Mina as one of the founding providers, sign up here and we’ll be in touch with you. Mina has essential tools to support your business and market your valuable services. We’d love for you to help shape the earliest features of the platform. Join us!

New Parents

Hey parents, Mina is here for you. We’re building this new platform so you can find the most amazing care providers possible. We invite you to join our revolution in how to find and access support and care during one of the hardest, most beautiful, sleepless, energizing and straight-up life-changing times. Sign up for our mailing list or reach out and let us know about your experiences (we all love a good story about baby’s arrival, breastfeeding and feeding journeys) and any providers you worked with and love.

Calling all Humans

Not a parent or a provider, but still want to be a part of this? Excellent! Please help spread the word to other families — how we arrive in this world is important to our communities and society. As our friends at Everyday Miracles say, “Peace on Earth begins with birth.”